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With the current state of the economy, many people are concerned with the financial future of their family. If a person dies without a will or anyone else with legal authority to administer their affairs, then that person has died “intestate. The Las Vegas Probate Lawyers Weston can help you legally establish the assets and handle the financial affairs of an estate.

Who is a probate lawyer?

A probate lawyer is a person who studies the law and helps people go through the probate process. In Nevada, probate lawyers are licensed by the state courts and must have a combination of education, experience and training before they can be admitted to practice law. Probate process involves a variety of tasks. They may help clients find burial sites for loved ones who did not have a will, get rid of items after death or liquidate assets.

Roles of a Probate Lawyer

i. Legal counseling

A person in charge of probate may want to consult with a lawyer if they are not sure what to do with their deceased family member’s assets after death. For example, someone who wants to create gifts for their children or transfer the estate to a charitable organization. The lawyer will advise the person on what course of action is legally appropriate.

ii. Drafting or reviewing documents

If you want to get rid of your property in a particular manner, you can hire a lawyer who will draft documents for you or advise you on how to do it. In this case, the lawyer may draft a form for you to fill out to register a vehicle, for example.

iii. Meeting with Wills and Trusts Attorneys

The law allows you to disinherit loved ones or transfer possessions at your death. In order to do so, you can make a will. A lawyer can explain to you the benefits and drawbacks of this document as well as help you draft it. You can also transfer your possessions into a trust after death.

iv. Probate Inventory

This is a summary of the assets owned by an individual and who the beneficiaries are in case of death. A lawyer is responsible for preparing this statement so that the assets can be distributed to heirs after death.

v. Collection of Assets

If an individual dies intestate, then his/her assets must be collected from wherever they are located. The assets will probably be in bank accounts, houses, vehicles and other real property. A probate lawyer is generally responsible for collection these assets.

vi. Estate Planning

A probate lawyer can advise you on the best way to allocate your assets and the beneficiaries after death. This advice may involve drawing up a will so that you can control where your possessions go after death.

If you have a loved one who has died intestate, you can contact a probate lawyer to help guide your family through the planning process. A lawyer can explain how probate proceeds and help in selecting an appropriate estate plan. To find the best lawyer for your situation, make sure you pick a firm that you can trust. Find out if they are licensed to practice in Nevada and show proof of the number of probate cases they have worked on.